waiting-71011_640Human is by his nature a social being. He is programmed to live and interact with other humans. Nowadays, he is left alone either because he stays away from others or because he does not has real and substantial relationships with them. Nowadays nobody can coexist with others and staying all alone becomes the only way. In our Era, loneliness has become one of our best “friends” but in reality it is one of our main “archenemies”. It is our archenemy because the human race and more precisely every human is built in a way that it is impossible to be developed normally without coexisting with other humans. Many researches have studied the effect of loneliness and isolation in the way that brain functions and more generally in every human’s health. One of these researches, that it was published in the scientific magazine Nature Neuroscience and the senior researcher was Dr. Karen Dietz, indicates that the isolation for a large interval of time changes the brain’s structures by decreasing the brain’s ability to change in neural level and be adapted to the changes that are taken place in its environment. According to the latter research, the brain is working like a big computer. It is an electrical system that is sending messages to the lower neural formations and the peripheral nerves. In all this procedure myelin has an important role. Myelin is a thick system of lipids that are carrying the knowledge from the main brain to the rest neural system. People, that have been isolated, had a significant decrease in the production of myelin which ended up in many clinical consequences. Some of these are: the weak immune system, the high blood pressure, the sleep disorders and the increase of cortisol which is the hormone of stress. According to the research, it is remarkable that the production of myelin becomes normal again via brain’s plasticity after a period of social integration. The latter fact denotes that the interaction with other humans is enough to reverse the existing negative consequences.
11270603_994017407289116_2499286718622270188_o Many years of research and observation by Mr. George Paschalidis in more than 500000 have shown that happiness comes through the harmonic coexistence with others and love. His exact words are: “Interaction, sharing, contact and communication turn on the power of soul and the mantle of misery and sadness fades away. I emphasize that our life is passing through people and our happiness is depended on them.

The interaction with best friends can change even our DNA. The interaction with not so good friends can not only change our behavior but even our DNA. Choose people that can strengthen you, give you courage and make you happy in order to coexist happily into humanity”. (G. D. Paschalidis, “New Beginning, New Life”) The research have shown that when we are happy, we are healthy because weak cells cannot live in happy people. When we are unhappy we are ill. Our Type’s extremity leads us to sadness. It is every Type’s stress that isolates him/her and leads him/her to loneliness. How can we know how much happy we are? Know yourselves and learn the people around you by using the Tri-Anthropo-Type Paschalidis Model and discover the harmonic coexistence and happiness with people.
Source: G.D. Paschalidis, 2004.Love Opening, Path of Life, 2nd revised & enriched edition. Livanis, Athens.

Mr. George Paschalidis will travel to Germany on the 25th-29th of June.

He will visit the following  places where he will be available for  the public:

Swetsigen 25th ,27th and 28th of June and Hamburg 26th of June

The contact number to schedule your appointment is 00491727440465


At the Historical Cultural Center of Athens was held with great success an event with the writer and researcher, George Paschalidis. Scientists, artists and crowds of people from all parts of Greece honored with their presence, George Pashalidis.
The findings of his decennial research on the model of the three types of human personality, which finds application in the health sector, were presented by his friends and scientific collaborators Ms. Anastasia Stathopoulou Child Psychiatrist, Ms. Koula Baltatzi Foropoulou Biopathologist, Ms. Helen Pavlidou General Surgeon, Mr. George Chatzieleftheriou Gynecologist Oncologist, Director of Saint Sava hospital, Mr. Manolis Constantine Plastic Surgeon.
The event was introduced by Ms. Lena Chalvatzi, Director of Social Care and Solidarity of Athens Municipality, Mr. George Marinos member of the Board of the Medical Association of Athens. Mr. Kokkinos member of the Board of Athens Municipality and President of the Center for the Homeless of Athens Municipality spoke about Mr. Paschalidis’ work and read the letter which was thanking Mr. Paschalidis offer for the 40 boxes of clothing for all ages and toys for the homeless of Athens.

Mr. Paschalidis thanked the scientific collaborators who support his work as well as all the people who had honored him with their presence. He said in his speech:
“Lately most of the research programs, all around the world have focused on exploring both the brain and the cognition. Millions are allocated daily on surveys and studies to understand how the human brain works, in order to develop methods to handle individualized diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychological diseases.
Brain and health, brain and human relationships, brain and love, brain and action, and how are they all been connected to the brain function? Has by any way the brain structure of man changed over the centuries? Has its volume changed? Have we become smarter?
Why is someone, a good mathematician and the other a philosopher, why am I able to remember everything and you are not able to remember anything, why am I adventurous as a teenager and when I grow up I become suspicious and cautious? I have given answers to questions that for years have been besetting scientists.  I discovered the key that will unlock the box with all the questions.
As I said, during my TV interview on RIK and Ms. Elita Michaelides’ broadcast  “Together in RIK” there is one kind of brain but with three different functions which lead to three actions, reactions of people, three different personalities with three different “emotional profiles” that define even how you love, how you feel, how you see the people. There are three different functions, three different perspectives of the world, three different realities.
The one reality is that of the action and is defined by the operation of the entorhinal cortex of the brain. A type, the man that functions with this way of the brain, is the one who sees what he wants and he takes it, he is practical, meaning  that he sees everything but deals only with one and therefore he  brings quick results. The second reality is that of thinking and of management and it is defined by the function of the amygdala. B type, the man who functions with this, thinks what he wants and that’s why he loses his time in the process and he is theoretical, meaning that he becomes anxious; he controls and brings very slow results. And the third reality is that of the action, of the management and persistence and it is defined by the function of the hippocampus. C type, the brain that functions with this, sees only what he wants and persistently strives to succeed anyway.
I invite you with me on an exciting journey of innovation in order to reveal you the origin of life creation, the structure and function of the human brain, the structure and function of DNA and the effect of thought on the function and the expression of DNA in our bodies.
Thank you all.”


Tri-Anthropo-Type in Athletisism


A science symposium, titled «Coach-Educator: a multifunctional role in the modern sporting scene” was held at the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus on Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2013 at 6:30 pm. The symposium was organized by OIELE (Greek Private Educators Federation), the Organization of Culture, Sports & Youth of the Municipality of Piraeus and […]

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Celebration of Love with George Pashalidis on 91,1FM


A celebration of love on 91,1 FM of Thessaloniki with host George Aristoglou in honor of Mr. George Pashalidis with the support of Frontis Medical Care. On Friday 28-12-2012 there will be a live show from 9:30 am until 12:00 noon where George Pashalidis will exchange holiday greetings and messages of love through the telephone […]

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Presentation of the work of Georgios Paschalidis in Kozani and Kavala


On the occasion of his ten years’ contribution (2002 – 2012) to Science and Mankind, George Pashalidis, Researcher and Author of six books that became best sellers in Greece, presented his work on two celebrations Sunday, Dec. 16, at 7 pm, at the hotel “Aliakmonas” and Monday, December 17th at 7:30 pm, in the Public Library of Kavala. The audience […]

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Mr George Paschalidis at 20th World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics



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5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid, Spain, 19th-21st of November

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20th World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, October 14-18th 2012, Hamburg, Germany


Dear Mr. Paschalidis and Mrs. Stathopoulou, Thank you for submitting your study with the subject: “Individual differences in the manifestation of Stress and Mood Disturbances are defined by genetic differentiations of the limbic system- the model of the three human personality Types as a guide for clinical researchers”. The conference committee approved your paper for […]

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George Pashalidis at the 18th International Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference.


George Pashalidis’ presentation at the 18th International Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference: “Stress and Behaviour”. On June 22-24, 2012, George Pashalidis attended the 18th International Neuroscience and Biopsychiatry Conference: “Stress and Behavior”, in New Orleans, where he presented the discovery of the three human personality Types and how each is connected with a particular brain function. […]

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