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Mr. Paschalidis visited the Ionian island Zakynthos


On Wednesday, June 11th, Mr. Paschalidis visited the Ionian island Zakynthos and experienced a very warm welcome by the Zakynthians in the Cultural Center of Sarakinado for a second time.He stayed in the Cultural Center until late at night ,spoke with each of the attendees and answered their questions.The audience was so excited and enthusiastic […]

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Mr. George Pashalidis, at the request of a great number of people in Kalamata and Tripoli, visits both cities once every two months.This time his visit coincided with the feast day of the Holy Spirit ,a holiday enabling a large crowd of people to greet him warmly , and enjoy being with him at the […]

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A WARM WELCOME IN GERMANY Mr. Paschalidis received a warm welcome from the people in Germany during his visit to Schwetzingen on the first three days of June. Mr. Paschalidis experienced a celebrating atmosphere during the presentation of his translated book “Love Opens The Path To Life” in the German language. Delight and happiness were […]

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A Substantial Discussion! Four hours ago we had the opportunity to listen to two most significant personalities-the Researcher and Writer Mr. George Paschalidis and Mrs.Marianna Stamatiadou,Vice- President of Patra’s Medical Association- > talking over the application of The THREE-ANTHROPO-TYPE PASCHALIDIS MODEL to all areas of human activity , on Patra’s Antenna radio, 105,3 fm. Mr.Pashalidis, […]

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George Paschalidis is visiting Cyprus


Once again Mr. George Pashalidis, the well-known researcher and writer, is visiting Cyprus on Wednesday the 30th of April and will keep the following schedule: NICOSIA: from Wednesday the 30th of April to Friday the 2nd of May he will be meeting his friends in the EUROPA PLAZA HOTEL. LIMASSOL: οn Saturday the 3rd of […]

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The 22nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of PHYSICAL EDUCATION and ATHLETICS will take place in Komotoni from 9 to 11 of May. Mr. George Pschalids ,a researcher and prolific writer,will participate in the above Congress with an oral presentation on Friday 9th. The title of his presentation is :”The THREE ANTHROPO TYPE MODEL Of PERSONALITY: A UNIQUE […]

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On Saturday 12th of April,2014, the researcher and author Mr. George Paschalidis appeared on a video conference interview for Mrs Darili’s TV program “GOOD MORNING U.S.A”. This program is broadcast on the New York-based television channel for the american expatriate community giving Mr Paschalidis and his model of the three anthropotypes an audience not only […]

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