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On Wednesday, June 11th, Mr. Paschalidis visited the Ionian island Zakynthos and experienced a very warm welcome by the Zakynthians in the Cultural Center of Sarakinado for a second time.He stayed in the Cultural Center until late at night ,spoke with each of the attendees and answered their questions.The audience was so excited and enthusiastic that Mr. Paschalidis,at their request, promised them to visit the Island once every two months from now on.
It is worth mentioning that on the 9th of June,at 15:00 ,Mr. Paschalidis had given a telephone interview to Mr.Spyros Kampiotis and Mr.Dyonisis Ithakisios on their programme , Low Flight, (Hamili Ptisi) on the Ionian TV Channel.




Mr. George Pashalidis, at the request of a great number of people in Kalamata and Tripoli, visits both cities once every two months.This time his visit coincided with the feast day of the Holy Spirit ,a holiday enabling a large crowd of people to greet him warmly , and enjoy being with him at the […]

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A WARM WELCOME IN GERMANY Mr. Paschalidis received a warm welcome from the people in Germany during his visit to Schwetzingen on the first three days of June. Mr. Paschalidis experienced a celebrating atmosphere during the presentation of his translated book “Love Opens The Path To Life” in the German language. Delight and happiness were […]

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A Substantial Discussion! Four hours ago we had the opportunity to listen to two most significant personalities-the Researcher and Writer Mr. George Paschalidis and Mrs.Marianna Stamatiadou,Vice- President of Patra’s Medical Association- > talking over the application of The THREE-ANTHROPO-TYPE PASCHALIDIS MODEL to all areas of human activity , on Patra’s Antenna radio, 105,3 fm. Mr.Pashalidis, […]

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George Paschalidis is visiting Cyprus


Once again Mr. George Pashalidis, the well-known researcher and writer, is visiting Cyprus on Wednesday the 30th of April and will keep the following schedule: NICOSIA: from Wednesday the 30th of April to Friday the 2nd of May he will be meeting his friends in the EUROPA PLAZA HOTEL. LIMASSOL: οn Saturday the 3rd of […]

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The 22nd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of PHYSICAL EDUCATION and ATHLETICS will take place in Komotoni from 9 to 11 of May. Mr. George Pschalids ,a researcher and prolific writer,will participate in the above Congress with an oral presentation on Friday 9th. The title of his presentation is :”The THREE ANTHROPO TYPE MODEL Of PERSONALITY: A UNIQUE […]

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On Saturday 12th of April,2014, the researcher and author Mr. George Paschalidis appeared on a video conference interview for Mrs Darili’s TV program “GOOD MORNING U.S.A”. This program is broadcast on the New York-based television channel for the american expatriate community giving Mr Paschalidis and his model of the three anthropotypes an audience not only […]

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The paper presented by Mr. George Pashalidis in the World Congress on education in London in September 2013, titled”Teaching Diverse Minds Successfully:The Pashalidis Tri-Anthropo-Types Model in Education” was favourably reviewed by the members of the congress committee to the extent that it gained the HIGHEST DISTINCTION – EXCELLENT concerning its quality of research.Also it was pointed out that Mr. Pashalidis’ paper […]

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