On Saturday 12th of April,2014, the researcher and author Mr. George Paschalidis appeared on a video conference interview for Mrs Darili’s TV program “GOOD MORNING U.S.A”. This program is broadcast on the New York-based television channel for the american expatriate community giving Mr Paschalidis and his model of the three anthropotypes an audience not only in Europe, but also in America, Canada and China

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The paper presented by Mr. George Pashalidis in the World Congress on education in London in September 2013, titled”Teaching Diverse Minds Successfully:The Pashalidis Tri-Anthropo-Types Model in Education” was favourably reviewed by the members of the congress committee to the extent that it gained the HIGHEST DISTINCTION – EXCELLENT concerning its quality of research.Also it was pointed out that Mr. Pashalidis’ paper could constitude a Doctoral Thesis and a source for further research.




Five months later there came a LETTER of THANKS from the Chairman of theCONGRESS of the COMMITTEE for the Researcher’s, MR. PASHALIDIS’participation in the congress and he was glad to inform him that his research work was selected to be published in the “LITERACY INFORMATION and COMPUTER EDUCATION JOURNAL (LICEJ) volume 5 issue3ISSN:2040 2589.It is a quarterly journal and provides an internationalforum for the publication of high level scientific articles on education.Its purpose is to give the opportunity to both academics and professionals of different educational fields of scientific interest to fill up the gap in knowledge and to give an impulse to the research and progress in education.



Mr Paschalidis accomplished a short trip to China in order to present his decennary scientific study in the International Conference on Advanced Education and Management, 2014, held in Beijing.
His study entitled “The Paschalidis Tri-Anthropo-Type Business model- A human centered innovative discovery, which offers solutions to business management and administration issues, maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs and leads to success” was widely accepted by the conveners. The study was presented by Mr Andreas Rossidis, his favourite
friend from Cyprus.


Presentation of Mr Paschalidis’ study in the scientific meeting “Youngmen; Crisis and drug usage”


Cyprus, Nicosia,18th December 2013 Mr Paschalidis presented his scientific study entitled “Tri-Anthropo-Type, Paschalidis, Solutions for drug rehabilitation and social reintegration of drug users” in the scientific meeting “Youngmen; Crisis and drug usage”. The Meeting was organised by the Ministry of Defense, the General Headquarters of the National Guard of Health Management, under the auspices of […]

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World Congress in Education, 2-4 September 2013, London


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A trip to Cyprus 30 july – 3 August


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George Pashalidis in Germany on June 25-29


Mr. George Paschalidis will travel to Germany on the 25th-29th of June. He will visit the following  places where he will be available for  the public: Swetsigen 25th ,27th and 28th of June and Hamburg 26th of June The contact number to schedule your appointment is 00491727440465

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Historical Event in Athens


At the Historical Cultural Center of Athens was held with great success an event with the writer and researcher, George Paschalidis. Scientists, artists and crowds of people from all parts of Greece honored with their presence, George Pashalidis. The findings of his decennial research on the model of the three types of human personality, which […]

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Tri-Anthropo-Type in Athletisism


A science symposium, titled «Coach-Educator: a multifunctional role in the modern sporting scene” was held at the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus on Tuesday, the 23rd of April 2013 at 6:30 pm. The symposium was organized by OIELE (Greek Private Educators Federation), the Organization of Culture, Sports & Youth of the Municipality of Piraeus and […]

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Celebration of Love with George Pashalidis on 91,1FM


A celebration of love on 91,1 FM of Thessaloniki with host George Aristoglou in honor of Mr. George Pashalidis with the support of Frontis Medical Care. On Friday 28-12-2012 there will be a live show from 9:30 am until 12:00 noon where George Pashalidis will exchange holiday greetings and messages of love through the telephone […]

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